A comprehensive guide to Online credit card processing

Let me tell you about "Online credit card processing". Nowadays paper cash is slowly substituted by plastic money like credit cards which have become an excellent option for merchants.

Despite the type of business, every business reaches where processing credit cards for receiving credit cards become essential. And it assists in constructing a powerful customer base and then marketing more products and services. However, credit cards are easy to use and we can use them for online purchases as well as physical purchases.

So, if your business takes online payments or payments via POS or other terminals, then you will have a feature of Online credit card processing.

As a merchant, you do not require to have an in-depth understanding of the entire procedure, but having general details about the process is crucial for you.

What is Online Credit Card Processing?

Customers purchase and perform payments by credit card. When customers conduct the card payment, the merchant enables payment approval by using the credit card. Moreover, the complete procedure of transmitting the amount from making the card payments to funds settled in the bank account is known as Online credit card processing.

Who are the Members of Online Credit Card Processing?

  1. Merchant – Business facilitates payment acceptance via credit/debit cards
  2. Customer – A customer is a cardholder making a purchase and heading for a credit card payment option to complete payments.
  3. Acquiring bank – A merchant’s bank is known as acquiring bank.
  4. Issuing bank – The customer’s bank or cardholder’s bank is known as an issuing bank. And these banks subject cards on the basis of credit card networks.
  5. Payment Gateway – A payment gateway delivers a safe link between shopping websites and payment processors.
  6. Payment Processor – It enables the payment data to the card network.
  7. Card Network – Card network implies card operating networks comprise VISA, MasterCard, RuPay, etc.

Whereas, the payment information links to all these members and only carries a few seconds for card acceptance. But it can take an average of two to three days to settle the money in the merchant's account.

How can you Pick a Credit Card Payment Processor?

As we have examined the basics of Online credit card processing earlier. And the next task is picking a payment processor. Because selecting the right payment processor for your online business is very crucial. Here are some aspects to regard:

  • Processing Fee.
  • Interchange Fee.
  • Assessment Fee.
  • Chargeback Fee.
  • Maintenance Fee.
  • Batch Fee, etc.


Last but not least, Online credit card processing is evolving into a necessity for an online business to extend online and globally. And a quick, dedicated, protected, and easy integration payment processor can assist you and your customers as well in saving time and effort.

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