Everything you need to know about Accepting Online Payments In Poland

Payment Gateway is a pathway that safely streamlines payment processing and accepting online payments in Poland. The payment gateways process confirms and approves or refuses the payments by using an ensured internet connection. The payment transfers between the merchant and the customers are taken via a secured payment gateway. In Poland, there are also various payment methods approved for eCommerce but online bank transfer is always on the head.

Poland has exceptional scope in the eCommerce industry and the digital marketplaces are increasing quicker than before. It is the most secure and professional method to trade in online financial transactions. You are also going to prefer services such as PayPal, Square, and some others. It relies on the kind of website being preferred and the web builder. Your customer’s payment details must be safe, and you will also pay yourself. Even it allows the processing of refunds, returns, etc.

Why Accept Online Payments in Poland?

If you want to smoothly accept online payments, payment processors are the best tool for you. Usually, with security and speed in mind, most payment gateways take less time on payment processing and more time increasing competitive benefits in an oversaturated marketplace.

A payment gateway is necessary both for the customers and merchants because they provide new chances for online shopping securely.

So, if you are already prepared to initiate accepting online payments. In this blog, you will also find everything that you need to know to select the best-suited payment gateway for your online business.

Members involved in Online Payment Processing

  • Customer/cardholder
  • Merchant
  • Issuer/Issuing bank
  • Acquiring bank
  • Card network

Some Features of Payment Methods in Poland

  • 40% are online payment solutions providers with one-click checkout. Moreover, there are many other payment service providers in Poland including PayU, PayPal, Przelewy24, Tap2Pay, InstantCharge, and others.
  • 30 percent prefer classic bank transactions. PKO BP, Mbank, Santander Bank, and Ing Bank are the top Poland Banks.
  • The third primary financial product is BLIK, used by 25% of customers.
  • 16% of online transactions are managed via debit card processing.
  • 18% of eWallets are used for eCommerce.

Features of Payment Gateway Poland

Accept local payments as well as expand globally. Specifically, expand your global market size up to 35% by receiving locally chosen payment methods. Your customers shop internationally and pay locally.

Increment in sales. 41% of customers state that a huge selection of payment options makes it simpler for them to pay more. More payment choices provide an increment in sales.

Improve conversion ratio. Lower shopping cart abandonment with one button that decreases the number of keystrokes required to checkout.

Voice/SMS Fraud Protection. Our voice/SMS verification is a method to recheck that the customer provided his real identity.

Payment Tokenization. Our payment tokenization feature also provides a security layer between you and your customers because no payment details are forward to your system and you keep insensitive details that may be beneficial to hackers.

Black/Whitelisting Features. Additional to the advanced fraud management system, you can also make your blacklists and whitelists, offering you control over who you want to partner with.

Daily Settlements Available. Now, with our daily settlements available, you don’t even need to wait to get the funds in your account, you will get the funds every day.

Widget Based Payment. The flawless payment flow also assures you to keep the customer on your website. However, the simpler checkout procedure refers to an increment in your conversions because there is a decreased amount of abandonment.


Payment gateways facilitate the online payment processing for your online business and help you in accepting global payments faster, easier, and with complete security. Internationally, with multiple payment methods available, choosing the right payment gateway is crucial because it stores your customer’s payment details securely. If you are even thinking to improve the payment services you are already using or need to get a new payment gateway for accepting online payments in Poland, feel free to contact InstantCharge.