If you are one of the billions of online businesses taking credit card payments. It is essential to know what you will require to receive online payments successfully and safely. This is an important part of maintaining an online business that deals in products or services. A 2021 Federal Reserve report explores that 75 percent of online transactions are performed via credit or debit cards. Certainly, this payment craze will continue to enhance as more buyers shift to a more suitable cash-free lifestyle. Let’s read about what an online payment service provider means, how it functions, and what are the benefits of using this kind of service?

What Is An Online Payment Service Provider?

An online payment service provider (PSP) indicates a third-party company that delivers payment processing services to businesses that receive online payment modes. These payment modes may comprise credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, cash cards, bank transfers, and much more.

Instances of payment service providers consist of Amazon Pay, PayPal, Stripe, and Square. PSPs are also called third-party online payment processing companies or payment service providers. Certainly, these payment processing providers assure that your online transactions are executed securely and efficiently.

How Does An Online Payment Service Provider Function?

An online payment service provider assists merchants in receiving digital payments. To accomplish this, the best online payment processors function with merchants, banks, and credit card networks to supervise the complete transaction procedure. The following example will summarize this payment procedure.

  1. After researching, a customer orders two academic books from any eCommerce website. When he performs this credit card payment. The payment information will be transmitted to the payment service provider.
  2. Then the PSP forwards the payment details to the credit card network.
  3. The credit card network will then send the buyer’s payment details to the issuing bank (the bank issuing the credit card to the buyer).
  4. Then the issuing bank will specify whether to authorize or reject the order founded on having enough funds and no doubtful activity. If authorized, the issuing bank will forward the result back to the credit card network.
  5. The card network will then transmit it over to the PSP. And which conveys the final result to the buyer and the eCommerce website.
  6. However, after the approval of payment. The credit card network will share the relevant amount from the issuing bank with the acquiring bank. The money will then transmit into the merchant's account for the execution of the online transaction.

As you can notice, online payment processing Poland follows a strategic procedure. That assists merchants to accept payments from buyers’ bank accounts flawlessly and safely.

The Advantages of Functioning With An Online Payment Processing Provider

There are various advantages of preferring an online payment processing provider for your eCommerce business. Let’s take a tour of the main benefits below.

  • Receives multiple payment modes: Online payment processing services provide multiple payment methods via a single channel. Moreover, creating it effortless for buyers to select their chosen payment type. This promotes customer satisfaction and checkout experiences. Thus boosting overall business income. Online businesses are only required to spend a one-time setup fee and monthly processing fees.
  • Receives multiple currencies: Payment service providers also take payments in numerous currencies, enabling eCommerce businesses to sell products and services across the globe. This is essential if you intend to expand your business beyond the national borders.
  • Includes new payment methods fast and smoothly: Payment service providers automatically enable eCommerce businesses to include new payment modes. This is a critical part as payment sensations will resume growing. Certainly, businesses must deliver the recent payment choices for buyers (i.e., credit/debit cards, eWallets, and wearables).
  • Assures the safety of processed online transactions: Payment service providers transmit and accept transaction details through safety standards. This may also consist of SSL certifications, encryption, and tokenization. These security standards assure that only buyers can regard their payment information. And which assists buyers to consider your eCommerce business as a reliable payment service. Definitely, this faith is a motivation in consumers buying from your eCommerce site.

Let’s Dive Into Additional Perks of An Online Payment Service Provider:

  • Controls Fraud: Payment service providers will only authorize transaction requests after a buyer’s card details have been confirmed, and enough money is available. And there are zero indications of dubious activity. If these needs are not completed, the payment provider will reject the request and report to the buyer and merchant this decision. Certainly, this is an important security measure to reduce fraud costs that cost businesses money and induce headaches.
  • Delivers Monthly Payment Information: Relying on your business size, you may have profit from accepting monthly payment statements concerning all payments and transactions conducted to your online business. Similar to any business, it’s useful to resemble your transaction statements to assure everything is valid. PSPs deliver these statements as a segment of the service. If required, some PSPs will deliver instant reporting. And which may be perfect for businesses that accept thousands of payments daily.
  • Getting Accounts With Acquiring Banks: Payment Service Providers can assist businesses in setting up a merchant account with an acquiring bank. This is a vital step in taking credit card payments. Since payment providers may have current accounts with acquiring banks, getting a merchant account will probably take less duration.


As described in this blog, there are numerous advantages of functioning with a payment service provider. The most significant benefit is that these payment providers take care of the online payment processing for small businesses. As an outcome, this provides businesses more time to concentrate on fulfilling goals, increasing sales, and expanding. Certainly, online payment processing providers soften away eCommerce businesses’ concern about acquiring payments from buyers. Since these payment gateway providers take multiple payment methods and currencies. So, it is simpler for consumers to prefer their chosen payment method. Thus, buyers will be more potential to buy your products and services.

If your eCommerce business is exploring selecting an online payment service provider. Moreover, it is important to select a payment provider that manages payments safely. Since payment service providers are experts in payments. Also, it is critical to associate with a data protection firm that can reduce the risk of data breaching. At InstantCharge, we deliver payment tokenization to protected payment data in a way that does not impact online your business functioning. So, contact us now to see how we can assist you in protecting your confidential payment details. You can drop us a text or mail. You will get proper assistance from our payment experts as soon as possible.