Best Way To Accept Payments Online In Small Businesses

For your small business to contend in this digital era. Then you will require to have a way to accept payments online. Even also if you are a brick-and-mortar merchant that depends on offline sales, online payments can grow your customer base and increase sales.

But with so many payment methods to select from, you may be thinking about where to begin. We will assist you in considering different choices to support your business and begin taking payments online.

There are several ways to accept online payments Poland, and the methods that are suitable for you rely on the kind of business you conduct.

1. Online Payment Service Provider

If you operate a service-based business or sell products online, an online payment service provider may be the most standard way you get paid by buyers or clients.

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PayPal and Stripe are the most famous payment service providers. Although you may also use the processor assembled into Shopify or WooCommerce if you drive an eCommerce business via one of those media.

Online payment service providers allow you to accept credit card payments online or payments directly from your buyer’s account with the payment service provider to yours.

It is completely free to establish an account with most payment service providers, and you’ll also have to pay a fixed price per transaction of around 3.5%, relying on the platform. Many famous points of sale (POS) solutions also deliver eCommerce modules with credit card processing online.

2. Mobile payments

They are usually performed by mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay making online payments super easy for your online buyers. Their credit card details are provided automatically. So they don’t have to stumble with entering all those digits from a physical card.

To execute mobile payments on an eCommerce website you’re making from scratch. So, you will have to pursue developer policies to assemble each into your website:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay

Most famous eCommerce payment platforms help with mobile payments and make it simple to take this payment method by easily integrating the option and no coding will be required.

3. Invoicing and billing

You can conduct it simple for buyers to pay for your products or services by providing an invoicing payment platform that allows one-click payments directly from their email.

Invoicing payment platforms comprising QuickBooks, Zoho, Xero, Wave, and Harvest deliver integrations with major payment service providers, containing PayPal and Stripe. You can provide bills to the clients via email, and the platforms created messages that consist of a payment button to facilitate them to pay straight away.

You can select which payment methods to receive. So, you will just need to activate your selected method, or activate variously and offer choices to the buyers.

Advantages of Accepting Online Payments

Even if you conduct an online business that facilitates selling services or products online. And you could get by without taking payments online. Even you could go old school: Send a bill manually and wait for a review in the mail.

You could. But you will likely desire to accept online payments for all the possibilities and comfort they count to your online business.

Nonetheless of what you sell, your business can profit from online payments, because they:

  • Extend your audience. Accepting numerous modes of payment makes accomplishing business with you suitable for more customers. The more flawless your payment process, the more positive the customer checkout experience. And, hence, more potential customers will accomplish business with you repeatedly.
  • Get you paid quickly. Looking for a customer to get an invoice and forward you a check in the mail could consume many days or even weeks. Whereas, online payments can occur immediately, at most, within two or three days.

Issues With Accepting Online Payments

The comfort and advantages of online payments arrive with some trade-offs. Though the pros result in overshadowing the cons. As you are ready to receive online payments for your eCommerce business, maintain these probable traps in mind:

  • Fees. Unlike a review in the mail, online payments need a mediator. And that mediator requires to be settled. You’ll renounce a piece of your revenue to payment processing costs.
  • Data management. The possibility for identity stealing and credit card fraud is way increased when buyers make buys online instead of offline (or with a payment method that is not a credit card). If you prefer a self-hosted payment gateway, you’ll be liable for saving buyers' financial details on your web servers. You can unload that obligation by preferring a hosted payment gateway or a payment service provider.


Once you have regarded all the various ways you can receive online payments on your website. So, now you should be able to select which one to pick, based on the type of your business and your target customers.

Accepting payments online for small businesses on your website is a different thing. Keeping onto your web payments is different.

Your business is shifting to more online ways of accomplishing things, so why not comprise your bank account?

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